CSIRT-FCSE was founded in 2017 as an organisational unit of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.

The process of creation of CSIRT-FCSE

  1. Identifying stakeholders and participants
  2. Acquiring support and sponsorship
  3. Development of a CSIRT project plan
  4. Information gathering
  5. Defining the CSIRT structure
  6. Defining the CSIRT mission
  7. Defining the range of offered services
  8. Identification of necessary resources
  9. Defining the interaction and interfaces
  10. Defining the roles and responsabilitites
  11. Declaring the CSIRT as functional
  12. Defining evaluation methods


Identified range of offered services

Reactive services

Proactive services Security quality management services

Alerts and warnings

Announcements Risk analysis
Incident handling Technology watch

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Vulnerability handling

Security audits or assessments Security consulting
Artifact handling Security related information dissemination

Awareness building

Development or security tools

Education/ training
Intrusion detection services

Product evaluation or certification

Configuration and maintenance of security tools, applications and infrastructures