Related Courses

List of courses related to the activities of the CIRT

Code Name Goals Description
F18L1S066 Cybersecurity for Beginners The student will understand the concept of cyber security, threats and risks. Will be aware about the problems related to cyber crime and will be able to understand the risks of attacks and the basic mechanism for protection.
F18L2S061 Wireless mobile systems Using and understanding the wireless mobile communication systems.


F18L3W060 System administration System administration represents a complex process of operational management of system and software components in computer systems, in order to provide secure, reliable and available services to users. Organization of the process of system administration is diverse and includes activities relaed to management of operating systems, networking services as well as application and other server systems.


F18L3W043 Information security Learning the concepts related to Information Security; procedures and methods for securing computer systems; methods used to increasing the level of security.
F18L3S062 Virtualization Introduction to virtualization as a paradigm for creation of virtual computer systems using software virtualization of hardware components. Analysis of different aspects of virtualization, technologies and techniques included in the process, as well as advantages and disadvantages introduces by using virtualization.


F18L3S093 Digital Forensics After finishing the course student will know the fundamental principles and techniques needed to carry out digital forensic investigation. Student will obtain practical knowledge to work with different forensic tools for different operating systems.


F18L3S159 Software defined security Understand and apply key concepts from developing secure software in terms of data, authentication, authorization, and secure web applications.


F18L3S121 Blockchain and cryptocurrencies The purpose of this course is to enable trainees to understand how block chains and crypto currencies work, and the idea, the technologies and organizations that support or emanate from them.