We handle cybersecurity incidents in order to defend FCSE's network.

We handle these types of incidents:

  • Incidents which threat the security of FCSE's network infrastructure.
    (These include DoS attacks, password breaks, port scanning, etc.)
  • Attacks on users of FCSE's network and services.
    (For example phishing or e-mail scams.)
  • Other cybersecurity incidents which are relevant to FCSE.

What we do not solve for you:

  • When your antimalware software finds infected file.
  • Receiving spam.
  • When you can not log in to a computer in the classroom.
  • "Odd" behavior of computer.
  • Theft of IT with important data.

Our advice is: do not underestimate prevention. Common sense and basic knowledge about cybersecurity will protect you from the most problems.

Are you not sure?

We do not expect you to be a cyber security expert. That is our job. Therefore, if you are unsure whether a security incident falls into one of the categories we deal with, please report it.

Report an Incident

    Instructions for incident reporting:

    1. Use only the communication channels listed on this page to report an incident.
    2. Your incident report should be sent from University address.
    3. Information that should be included in your incident report (if possible):
      • your identity (name, Personal ID (učo) , ...),
      • a brief but complete description of the problem,
      • the domain name of the affected machine and the type of incident (if you know),
      • you can also attach an attachment to the report. For an example, in case of e-mail incidents (eg. phishing), attach the original e-mail including complete headers.